Guidebook to Jeff Rolka's YouTube Channel

The long awaited guidebook to Jeff Rolka's YouTube channel is here! Use this book to put together your personalized vocal practice from Jeff Rolka's YouTube channel. Read up on what the videos are meant to help you achieve and see Jeff's recommendations for moving forward and constructing workflows. Included are several sequences for beginner's, a massive workout for intermediate vocalists and plenty of ideas for the advanced vocalist to continue to expand their range, increase agility and get more from their voice.

Selected Lessons for Download

Full Range Warm Up Released November 2016. Begins with some tonal onset and balancing exercises but quickly moves on to agility and range expansion practice. Includes an old favorite scale pattern that I haven't used previously in videos.

Full Range Warm Up Release in September 2016. Includes tongue isolation, resonance balancing, tonal onset and registration event exercises (exercises that go 'over the break').

How to Sing Over the Break - This is the step by step process I take singers through in order to understand how the voice works over the break and ultimately to smooth out the transition from chest voice to head voice.

Full Range Warm Up in five ranges.

Some of the best exercises I have found to increase coordination between the vocal folds and onset of airflow resulting in much greater consistency of tone, responsiveness of voice and ultimately range.

The warm up series with nearly half a million views on YouTube. Download the MP3 for your range and practice without an internet connection.

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