Guidebook to Jeff Rolka's YouTube Channel

The long awaited guidebook to Jeff Rolka’s YouTube channel is here! Use this book to put together your personalized vocal practice from Jeff Rolka’s YouTube channel. Read up on what the videos are meant to help you achieve and see Jeff’s recommendations for moving forward and constructing workflows. Included are several sequences for beginners, a massive workout for intermediate vocalists and plenty of ideas for the advanced vocalist to continue to expand their range, increase agility and get more from their voice.

Selected Lessons for Download

Agility Warm Up – February 2018

Fast paced and full range – this warm up focuses on fast moving patterns and note/vowel combinations. For the more advanced singer needing a comprehensive warm up. Ends with a minor key palate cleanser!

Minor Key Singing Warm Up – All Voices – December 2017

A great warm up or ear training practice. Several different exercises with fun vowel combinations. I also include all the solfège syllables if you want to practice with those as well.

Beginner Singing Lesson/Fundamental Technique November 2017 – Suitable for beginning vocalists, vocalists new to vocal training, vocalists getting back into singing after having some time off or those wanting a very relaxed easy paced warm up.

The exercises here are slower in pace and stick to narrower vowels to begin with. The focus is on increasing our aural acuity (ear training) so that we more easily sing in tune and focus our vowels. Includes some of my favorite coordination and endurance exercises suitable for newer vocalists or those wanting something more relaxed.

Extended Range Warm Up November 2017 – This warm up incorporates some airflow and coordination practice into scale patterns that are meant to help integrate the registers of your voice. Pentatonic scales are used with both the lip trill as well as a variety of vowel sounds as well as a long scale pattern that ascends to the fifth, back to the tonic and then up to the ninth and back.

This warm up also includes one of my favorite engagment and vocal fold coordination exercises; a series of short notes followed by short breaths into a five note scale. Does wonders for aligning your voice and vowels. In this warm up it is used to help align your voice up to the secondo passaggio (the break) in order to have good hand-off between thyroarytenoid dominant singing (chest voice) and cricothyroid dominant singing (head voice.)

Vowel Balance Warm Up 2017 – I’ve been on a vowel alignment or ‘balancing’ kick this October. Alignment of vowels is crucial to good registration technique, and one of my favorite, if challenging, ways to work on this is to do what I call ’round-robin.’ In this set of exercises I take you through the five main vowels used for vocal practice. What is different about this is that we’ll start each exercise set by shifting the order over by one vowel. This has the benefit (and challenge!) of putting each of the five vowels at the tonal onset; each in it’s own turn. This allows you to listen carefully to how balanced the tonal onset for any given vowel is, and broaden your awareness of potential inconsistencies. This work out goes over the secondo passaggio (the break) and also incorporates both played scales and chordal accompaniment, so sometimes you’ll sing the exercise over chords instead of me playing every note for you. Great for ear training!

Daily Warm Up – Full Range. This warm up is meant to balance vowel production in the zona di passaggio right up to the secondo passaggio (the ‘break’) in each of the vocal ranges. Begins with a coordination exercise but quickly moves on to flowing lines to work on agility and connectivity within a phrase. Includes several exercises to be done without the melody being played while singing it in order to work on ear training. High range exercise is meant to serve as a means by which to not only work on endurance at and above the secondo passaggio but also evaluate the smoothness of your transitions between vowels. Released October 2017

Full Range Warm Up Released November 2016. Begins with some tonal onset and balancing exercises but quickly moves on to agility and range expansion practice. Includes an old favorite scale pattern that I haven’t used previously in videos.

Full Range Warm Up Release in September 2016. Includes tongue isolation, resonance balancing, tonal onset and registration event exercises (exercises that go ‘over the break’).

How to Sing Over the Break – This is the step by step process I take singers through in order to understand how the voice works over the break and ultimately to smooth out the transition from chest voice to head voice.

Full Range Warm Up in five ranges.

Some of the best exercises I have found to increase coordination between the vocal folds and onset of airflow resulting in much greater consistency of tone, responsiveness of voice and ultimately range.

The warm up series with nearly half a million views on YouTube. Download the MP3 for your range and practice without an internet connection.

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