Breath Support for Singing is Misunderstood.

But it's easy to work on in a few straight-forward steps.

In this Course You'll Learn:


  • Posture for singing
  • What 'support' is
  • How to use your body to 'support' your singing voice
  • Easy to follow exercises to get started expanding your airflow
  • What the lip trill is good for, and how to get it if you've struggled before
  • Coordination exercises to maximize vocal efficiency, increase range, and dynamic control


I am very pleased with the method as I've been struggling for a long time with training appoggio. The practices seem very simple and unspectacular at first, but after only two and a half weeks I can say, they really do the job. I am moving from unconsciously forgetting to breath correctly while singing to unconsciously doing it right. There is surely still a long way to go, but I already noticed that I move in the right direction with the course. My support for lower notes got better, as well as the support for higher notes. It feels like going to the Appoggio-Gym :-). In contrast to other courses I own, your videos and this course especially simply work and yield quick results. The length is good. The separation of lecture and practice videos is really nice, too. Great accessibility! Thanks for your great content on Youtube and your free Triple A Method by the way! These helped me to address a lot of problems I had with my singing for the last three years. Have a nice day and a happy new year!

Greg B:

I have just completed Jeff’s excellent Breathing For Singing course and I thoroughly recommend it. Jeff teaches the Appogio Breath Management System using clear explanations and carefully graduated steps. In every video I was taught exactly what I should be feeling for internally, as well as what I should be listening and looking for externally. I now have a much clearer understanding of how breath support and engagement can be practised, as well as what is actually going on inside my body when these tools are working effectively. Completing this course over about two weeks has improved my singing significantly, I have more stamina and endurance, while the stability and smoothness of my tone has increased. Jeffs ability to engage and motivate his students while imparting fairly technical information is highly effective. As a music teacher myself I can confidently say that the value for money in this course is astounding and I will be revisiting the material often.


This course was totally worth it. I focused so much on my timbre in the past, but couldn't hold long notes, nor relax my neck muscles. I still need to repeat the exercises several times to train my muscles, but I am sure i'm on the right track cause I was able to sing better after the exercises and it also looked more graceful as all the effort was on the expansion and engagement. On a side note, this course helped me with breathing in general, I think I always took mini breaths, but never truly expanded. I also feel much more relaxed and calm, and your way of teaching is like Bob Ross of singing lol. I think everyone should take this course, even if they are not singers, just as a relaxation technique. Thank you so much for the course. :)


What is in the course?

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