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Singing High Notes Doesn't Have to be Hard.

Learn how to seamlessly transition from one register of your voice to another. Blend them together to unify your chest and head voice sound.

Jeff Rolka’s brilliant High Note Boot Camp is a series of carefully graded exercises that will extend your range whatever your voice type. Each of the fifty lessons concentrate on gearing your technique in a controlled manner using all the vowels.

I highly recommend the course for those who wish to sing seamlessly from chest-voice to head-voice. It has five stars from me.

Boyd G


High Note Bootcamp 

Learn how to transition from chest voice to head voice.

  • Industry-leading techniques
  • Demonstrations
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • A Supportive community
  • Feedback from Jeff on your progress


Full Membership

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  • 52 Step-by-step practice videos
  • 28 Lecture videos to commonly asked questions
  • Access to all vocal range designations in order to make sure you have the right material to work with.
  • Downloadable resource materials to work offline with.
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Basic Membership 

Start developing your high range today.

  • 52 step-by-step practice videos
  • Access to all vocal range designations in order to be sure you have what you need to work with.
  • Downloadable Resource Material to work offline with.
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There's a Growing Community of Singers

That are self-starting go-getters. With the wealth of resources available today, sometimes you just need a few tips and tricks to get over a rough phrase or riff. Jeff's online community is just the place. Post videos, ask questions, and get answers. Moderated and facilitated by Jeff.

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