Inspiration from Brené Brown

Inspiration from Brené Brown

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I have recommended this Tedx talk many times and when I thought about including it here I ended up watching it three times!  This talk is of particular importance to us as singers because of the importance of authenticity in our work.  When standing on stage, it is very apparent when we’re not committed to the music that we’re singing.  Furthermore, that lack of commitment presents additional difficulties in our vocal technique.  Our intentions, or lack thereof, are intertwined with our ability to sing well.  Our ability to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, empowers our authenticity; what courage that takes when stepping out onto a stage!  I use the word stage here to mean any public display, for some it’s Carnegie Hall, for others it’s the family dinner table, both are performances.  Ironic that one should wonder why performance anxiety (commonly called stage fright) exists.  It would be more accurate to wonder why it doesn’t exist in a given individual given the notion that to provide the authenticity required of us we open our hearts and display our most vulnerable side.

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  • Teresa

    Brene is spot on. Three stand-outs: “connection”, “we numb”, and “I am enough”. In a singing context as creatives/singers/musicians, the topics in here are magnified several-fold. We seem to feel it more, and can become anxious because ultimately, we fear. We fear making mistakes and are constantly judging ourselves and being judged by others. We are exposed up front, and that is scary. But it is also amazingly courageous – like a tightrope walk, constantly balancing and trying hard not to fall off. Being able to trust, focus, revisit our true singing purpose, and being ‘kind to ourselves’, is important. We are human, and many of the world’s most ‘successful’ singers (think Rene Fleming, Adele, etc.) have revealed their deepest anxieties too. No one is perfect – they are just working hard behind the scenes to keep going. Living in a world where people fear each other, chase perfection, and idolise fame and money, causes us to put pressure on ourselves. We need to let go and reconnect with life and each other. Singing is an important part of this. We are the instruments for positive change. Thanks for this Jeff.

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