Singing Lessons

Jeff teaches private singing lessons in person or via Skype. To inquire about singing lessons scroll down and send an email to Jeff.

Lessons with Jeff are recorded so that you can keep track of your progress and have exercises and examples to practice with that specifically address the goals that you wish to achieve. Weekly singing lessons are offered at a discount and are also the fastest way to improve your voice.

All singing lessons address fundamental skills such as:

  • Singing Posture
  • Vowel Alignment
  • Breathing Technique for Singers
  • Muscle Relaxation for Singing

In every singing lesson with Jeff Rolka, you can expect about one third of your lesson to be focused on the technical concepts that will help you progress as quickly as possible towards your singing goals. The next part of your singing lesson will be focused on the songs that you are singing. In every singing lesson you will learn about how your voice works and how incorporating singing technique will fine tune your tonal palette, expand your range, increase power and expression.

My first video specifically on Diction!

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Being understood when we sing is paramount to our success in communicating with our audience.  It’s also key to good singing technique!  In this video I go through several things to consider when you’re preparing a song.  Hard consonants, partially phonating consonants and how they impact our airflow.

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