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The Triple A Method is my course on the fundamentals of singing. Try it for free when you sign up for my email list.

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Free Transposition PDFs

Customize any song to be in the right key and range for your voice. Jeff's PDFs help make transposition fast and easy.

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Lessons, online learning courses, and more.


Private one-on-one lessons are the fastest way to get the help that you need to make progress towards your singing goals. 

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Breathing for Singing

Breathing for singing has been made unnecessarily complicated. Jeff's course on breath management will teach you what support is, how to expand for it, and how to integrate it into your singing.

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Sing High Notes

Theres no reason to let the high notes of a song get you down. Jeff's signature method, High Note Bootcamp, can help.

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Learn to Transpose

Transposing customizes a song to your specific voice. In a few short lessons you can make tunes higher or lower and even learn to do it while you're playing the song.

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Post audio and video to get the help from Jeff and the community that will help you take your singing to the next level. All for a fraction of the cost of lessons.

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