Your voice is precious and unique and singing lessons are the best way to develop, protect and enhance that gift.

Jeff Rolka in his Studio

Jeff started his YouTube channel two years ago, and has already helped thousands of people to sing better and take great care of their voices. His innovative approach means that his students are able to release their true potential and understand their voices from the inside out. Jeff’s belief is that knowledge is power and he focuses on ensuring that everyone who studies with him is given the information and support they need to sound fantastic.

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Jeff has a long history of involvement in the arts and especially music. A graduate of the University of Michigan, he spends his time teaching vocalists in person as well as on Youtube.

His mission is to educate and empower singers the world over, help people discover how good they can sound, and enable others to learn how to sing in a sustainable, healthy way so that they can enjoy their voices for life.

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