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How can I support long notes? How do I increase efficiency?

May 22, 2022

In this third video of our airflow mini series that was based on your questions, I'm going to answer these questions:

1. How can I support very long notes / increase efficienty to maintain longer lines / maintain vocal quality / increase time between breaths / release more evenly / relationship with phrasing

2. Why do I lose so much air when I'm doing the lip trill, especially as I go up the scale

3. What does a poor lip trill performance mean? / What are good exercises to maintain airflow / will lip trill practice suffice as airflow exercises? / should I use a straw?

4. How do I make high notes stronger without using all my breath / how do I get that breathy sound?

5. What is my opinion on the importance of breath support?

6. Does taking an extra deep breath improve airflow / How much air should we hold in? / how much is too much air

7. What step by step process can I do to get support to be second nature?

If you have questions, post them below! If you're a member of the RVC, post your question there or submit an audio or video clip for me to review!