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Choose Again.

Oct 29, 2023

The simplest of ideas can be the most profound.

If something isn't working, choose again.

Still singing out of tune?

Then choose again how you approach your appoggio breath management. Choose again how you listen to and evaluate your vowel alignment. Choose again how you have practiced your ear training. Choose again whether or not you know the notes of the melody that you are singing and how they overlay onto your singing range. Choose again what you cover in your daily singing practice. Choose again if the key of the song is appropriate to your singing range.

Again and again we get these choices. Each one of them simple, but the cumulative effect creating something magical. Truly an excellent example of the sum being greater than its parts.

Here's the thing though - do this often enough, early enough, and you won't have to do as much of it later. Your ability to choose again will always be there, but if you grow into this practice it will sculpt your practice and you will find your voice. Once you've done that, problems will still occur from time to time, but you will have a practice against which to test and evaluate them. Once you find the item that is out of alignment with your practice (and values) it's just a matter of, you guessed it, choosing again. Choosing to practice and/or adjust the item so that it's in alignment.

The idea of 'choose again' is taken from Dan Simmons' four book series Hyperion. Yes, it's a Science Fiction series, but to quote another fictional character, 'I'll quote the truth wherever I find it.'