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Holiday Season Guide to Keeping Your Voice Healthy

Dec 13, 2022

I just got done saying how busy a time of year this is, so allow me to dispense with the formalities and cut to the chase:

Here's some thoughts to keep your voice in shape during the holidays and any time that you're really busy:

1. Less is more. If you only have a few minutes, take them. A minute alone in an elevator (lift if you're in the UK) on your way to the company fête? That's a minute alone to vocalize.

2. Be flexible. No internet access? No instruments to provide a reference pitch? Use a tuner app on your mobile device. Have it play a pitch and sing your scales based off of it as a tonic. No mobile device? Sing a pitch in your low mid-range. Challenge yourself to sing your scales off of it and maintain your tonal center.

3. Get comfortable with octave skips. If you're out caroling and the melody heads into the stratosphere, don't be shy about skipping down the octave. Better that than straining your voice. This goes double if you're out and about in the cold. Triple if it's also snowing at the time.

4. About that vocal health. Listen to your body. You will rarely see me without a scarf these winter months. I often wear two hats, one that fits quite snuggly and the other on top of it. Fingerless gloves can be lifesavers if you have to also play an instrument. Stay warm.

5. Stay hydrated too. Unlike the warm summer months, we can feel as if we don't need to drink as much, but we still need to stay well lubed. Have your room temperature water on hand.

6. Above all else, take care of yourself. The holidays can be hard even when we're psyched up for it. If you're feeling low or stressed out, make sure to make some time to take care of yourself.

Thank you all for being a part of my digital world! I appreciate your attention and hope that one or a few of these tips will provoke thoughts and actions that will make your holiday season just a little bit brighter! I wish you all the best for merry music making and look forward to the events of the new year!

All the best,