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How to Sound Better Singing

Aug 14, 2022

Vowels phonate.

This is by definition:

1 to provide (a sound source, and hence the pitch) for a given voiced continuant or vowel, through rapid, periodic glottal action.

2 to vocalize

Vowels are literally what carry the tune when we sing. Yes, we need consonants in order to understand what the vowels are forming, but the vowels phonate. They are the song in music that is vocally driven.

Learning to align our vowels is critical in order to:

Be understood

Sing in tune

Have a consistent sound

Sing high notes

and much more.

So how do you practice vowel alignment? Easy.

All my warm up videos include vowel alignment practices as part of them. The sequences of vowels are constructed to help you get alignment, and then subtly challenge that alignment.

What would be the best way to get the most out of the videos and get the best alignment practice? Do all the exercises. If you only do some of them, you may only be doing the easy parts, and omitting the challenges. Or vice versa.

RVC members make sure to check your podcast feed for more tips on how vowel alignment is practiced and what to look for when you yourself are working on it!

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