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To Achieve Your Goals, Define Your Values

Oct 01, 2023

I hadn't come across this concept before in all the years that I've studied music and worked with performance anxiety. It really hit me like a ton of bricks (in a good way, of course) and really helped me to understand a lot of what I had done in the past, albeit unconsciously.

In the pursuit of your goals, define your values.

Too often we just talk about the goals. If we've done a bit of work on achieving goals then we'll break them down into manageable steps. I hadn't, however, come across the idea that you have to look at your goals through the lens of your personal values.

Credit where credit is due:

I am writing this as a reflection of working through: ACT for musicians by David G. Juncos & Elvire De Paiva E Pona (affiliate link: Aside from the link, which helps the channel should you purchase the book through it, I have no affiliate with the book or the authors.

What does this mean? Practically speaking, you have to understand what your personal values are, and how they intersect with the path to your goals.

If, for example, you personally value instruction; the act of teaching, then that will figure prominently in how you proceed toward whatever your stated goal may be.

This can be very advantageous if your goal is to have your own private studio, where you teach music, or art, or (fill in the blank). Your personal value aligns with your stated goal, and in working towards being a better teacher, your inner and outer goals will align.

On the other hand, if you personally value teaching, but you wish to be a performer, then your value isn't as directly related. It is here that your mindset can help you to see your goal through the lens of your value to help you achieve your goal. It may take more practice and effort of will, but framing your goal through your value will help.