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Vocal Health During the Winter Months

Nov 03, 2022

Prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to our voices. Here are some friendly reminders and thoughts as the northern hemisphere heads into cold and flu season.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

I know, right. Didn't we just hear this, yet it's true for vocalists all the time. I might add to this to keep your hands away from your face when you're out and about.

Dress Appropriately

Depending on where you are this may mean bundling up, or dressing in layers, or both! Layering up for me is the perennial choice, as I can add or remove layers to suit the environment that I'm in. One piece that will rarely leave my person for the next few months though will be one of several scarves or neck warming accessories.


In cooler months it can feel as if we don't need to drink as much in order to stay hydrated, but this would be false. Staying hydrated boosts your immune system and can help you stave off infection. Again, prevention is key.

I suspect that you already knew these things, but it never hurts to reiterate them so that they're fresh in your mind. Stay hydrated, bundle up (as appropriate), and wash your hands and you'll weather (see what I did there?) this season with style and grace!

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