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Welcome to the New Jeff Rolka Website

general musing Mar 04, 2022

Hello and Welcome!

For those of you who have been members of the newsletter for a long time, thank you for being around to witness these transitions. This, I hope, will be a major upgrade.

The new website, and your credentials, was fully switched to yesterday, and as I type this today, everything appears to be working as intended. I hope that you enjoy working with the Triple A Method here, and any other courses that you've purchased in the past.

My hope in the new website was to encourage interaction between all of us. The new 'forum' now Rolka's Vocal Community works far better than the previous iteration. Audio and video embedding are easily done and I look forward to hearing you!

The Triple A Method and High Note Bootcamp, in a few words, look better and work better. The website will also help you track your progress and help you remember where you left off, if you take a break.

Then there's this! The blog! I had a blog on Myspace, what seems like a lifetime ago, and my intention is to do that here. Check back in from time to time to see what's up. I plan on covering a wide range of topics.

That's all for now. Enjoy the new site!