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Take Two of These - And Call Me in Six Months

Feb 27, 2024

Habits take time to form. It also isn't enough to experience something once, and expect to be able to repeat it consistently. This is why we practice, and it behooves us to practice with intent.

I had a teacher who told me that the acquisition of new skills took six months. That once you could experience singing in a particular way, it would take six months to fully integrate it into your performance practices; six months to expect it to be consistently accessible. I think she was being generous!

There are some aspects of my performance practice that I've been working on for years, and they show only vague signs of improvement. Others took far less time. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason, it's just my individual way of approaching growth and mindset that have influenced my ability to acquire and implement new skills.

Action Items:

Have a daily practice

Keep a sterile flight deck - silence notifications, calls, txts, etc.

Focus on the skills required to sing the songs that you want to sing ie., does the song have a dramatic high note? Work on vocalizations that help with that.

Set aside time for objective reflection - record yourself, and then allocate a few minutes to review it during your next practice session. Do this on a regular schedule, leaving enough time in between recordings to allow for growth.

Be gentle with yourself - ask yourself if you would talk to a friend, or student in the voice that you internally talk to yourself with. If you're too harsh, negative attachments are still attachments, and you can reinforce behaviors that are non-productive.


As always, thanks!


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